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A day in the life of Pasco detectives

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PASCO, WA - On a day-to-day basis, the local law enforcement we see are those patrolling the community, part of a whole department working to keep all of us safe. Reporter Crystal Garcia got the chance to spend some time with the five-person detective team for Pasco Police, who told her that each day at work is different. 

Each day starts with a morning meeting to discuss what each member will work on for the day. It can be staying in the office: writing reports, looking for case clues online, and more. Other times, detectives will go out to contact witnesses or suspects in their cases or even do surveillance.

"See, if we can identify the house they live in, the car they drive, things of that nature...we'll park nearby and sit, watch for hours at a time, trying to make sure that we know our suspect, their ins and outs of their daily routine, things like that," said Detective Jonathan Davis. "So we know how to do it, if we have to apprehend them we can do it safely."

In uncovering the truth, detectives each work in a way that best suits them.

"Every detective works cases differently," said Davis. "They'll find what works for them. For me, I try to interview all the witnesses, all the victims, and then I'll pull in the suspect to give them a chance to refute the allegations brought against them."

Even though detectives are individually assigned cases, they often work together to help the department get to the bottom of a case.

"A lot of times we'll do two people in an interview, because they can think of something the other person didn't think of," Davis said.

Attention to detail, following every lead, and writing descriptive, concise reports is critical in detective work.

"When our cases go to court, if we don't have a really good investigation the number one thing that the defense attorney is going to attack us on is doing a crappy investigation."

So it's important for them to follow the evidence, and most importantly, serve the community.

"We want everybody to feel like we are trying our best to solve their case," said Davis, "because for that person, that's the most important thing in the world to them."

Each of the detectives are passionate about their work, and go into every new investigation with fresh eyes because every case is different. Even if it may be the same type of crime, the people involved are not the same.