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New Wine Village celebrates grand opening

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2-9-18 UPDATE:

KENNEWICK, WA - After months under construction, The Columbia Gardens Urban Wine and Artisan Village opened up today. 

The ribbon cutting was a big opening ceremony with a lot of people attending. This project is a joint effort between both The Port and the City of Kennewick, and people at home can expect more events like this in the future as it is only Phase One of the wine village.

"Phase Two will be going out to bid soon and constructed by this summer," said Tania Bader Inglima, Deputy CEO of Port of Kennewick. "That includes a lot of additional infrastructure roads, parking, utilities. All that needs to be done west of these buildings."

The Wine Village plans to expand and built a lot more facilities, including space for artwork, a food truck area, and a public plaza.

Phase Two will include shovel-ready parcels in hopes that it will encourage additional private-sector investments.


9-7-17 UPDATE:

KENNEWICK, WA - The Urban Wine Village in Kennewick isn't the only project in the works on Columbia Drive right now. There's a lot of future plans for this part of town. Reporter Jaclyn Selesky spoke with one local business owner who is excited for this revamp.

Soon, all of this car traffic on Columbia Drive will be turned into foot traffic.

"I just see Columbia Drive in five years as completely different than what we're seeing today," said Dan Smith with the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership. 

It's because of the much-anticipated Urban Wine Village. It's being built right now and is expected to be done by this fall. Smith thinks this new kid on the block will turn this industrial part of town into a happening downtown area.

"If all of the things happen that we want to see happen on Columbia Drive, it's going to be a trendy new place for everybody to go in Kennewick," Smith said.

Speaking of trendy, Rustica Interior opened a few months ago right across the street from the wine village. Owner Mayra Nuno says the addition seems like it's going to revive and refresh the area.

"It was totally a surprise for us," Nuno said. "When we moved here we didn't know that project was coming in. So when I found out, I was like, 'wow, this is great!' Because I know it's going to bring a lot of clients and is going to bring more movement around here."

The Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership is working on exactly that...more movement. They're planning on building a crosswalk to connect the downtown Kennewick shopping area to Columbia Drive.

"There's really no easy way for people to cross," Smith explained. "It's a four-lane road. There's big trucks. So with an enhanced crosswalk with the lights that flash people will have to stop for people and allow them to cross safely."

Smith says they're hoping the crosswalk will be complete between July and October of next year.


4-28-17 UPDATE:

KENNEWICK, WA - The Columbia Gardens Wine Village in Kennewick faced some difficulty with the snowy winter. But, with all that snow gone, three new buildings are now close to completion on the site.

However, just because outdoor construction had to come to a halt during the colder months doesn't mean construction stopped all together

Reporter Kristina Shalhoup spoke with Skip Novakovich from the Port of Kennewick, who said "trusses were being built, the hvac systems were being built offline in enclosed facilities."

That's not all the progress that was made in the past few months, however. Of the three buildings in the village, one will be for barrel storage, and the other two will be for two wineries to host production and tasting experiences. As Novakovich told Kristina, those wineries have now been chosen for tenancy. In one building will be Bart Fawbush, the winemaker and owner of Bartholomew Winery in Seattle. In the other will be Victor Palencia, owner of Vino La Monarcha.

The six-million dollar project was originally set to finish in July. Now, the Banlin Construction team says the opening date will be in September, roughly a year after construction began.



KENNEWICK, WA - Winter weather has definitely gotten in the way this year, especially for certain construction projects around the area.

Reporter Mackenzie Maynard caught up with crews working on the wine village to see how things are progressing.

Although the project has been extremely slowed down on the outside, progress is still being made on the inside.

"These, all three of these, are in the final stages of being done," said Todd Wilkerson of Wilkerson Welding & Fabrication.

He's talking about some of the architectural trusses that'll be included in the wine village buildings.

"It's gonna be a focal point when you walk in," Wilkerson said. "People are going to be like, 'wow, look at these arches'."

For Wilkerson Welding & Fabrication, this is one of their biggest projects yet.

"We built, did structural steel on a few hotels in the Tri-Cities," said Wilkerson. "Most of our stuff gets covered up...these will be in the wide open."

So big, in fact, they moved shops to accommodate the size of the project.

"This is three times the shop we just moved from in October."

"Each of the trusses weighs in at just under 5,000 pounds.

"This is only half of the material of this order," Wilkerson said. "We still have another truckload coming."

Wilkerson told Mackenzie that today there will be fifteen large trusses and three a little smaller in size. Each one takes about three days to make, from start to finish. As for the wine village construction, because of all the snow and winter weather, the project end date is pushed back to August.