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Court documents shed light on last month's robbery and shooting

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03/10/17 UPDATE: Last week there was a standoff that lead to the arrest of Angel Martinez, who was wanted in connection with a robbery on S. Dayton Place, where shots were fired on February 19th. As it turns out, there were more people involved, and reporter Kristina Shalhoup learned that those people are now in police custody.

Not only are they in custody, but now, Angel Martinez, Artemisa Sanchez, Ramiro Sanchez, and Victor Garcia, are all facing charges of First Degree Robbery.

According to court documents, Artemisa Sanchez rents the bottom level of a home from a woman named Erin Bass. So far, it's believed that on the 19th, Sanchez thought that Bass had stolen methamphetamine from her, and went on to assault her while she was holding her one-year-old baby.

Sanchez then left the apartment but returned later that night, bringing Angel Martinez, Victor Garcia, and Ramiro Sanchez with her. All three men were allegedly armed with guns.

According to the account listed, the four suspects forced Bass, her two children, and her friend, Ashley Bruner, who was also in the house, into a bedroom, and demanded that they hand over their cell phones.

Bass and Bruner did as they were told, and afterwards, Ramiro Sanchez, Garcia, and Martinez all left the house in search of another man while Artemisa Sanchez stayed with the other two women and children.

Not long after the men left the bedroom, Bass and Bruner reported that they heard gunshots outside, and that Artemisa Sanchez fled the room immediately.

According to documents, that was at 10:12 p.m., and that was when Bass and Bruner were finally able to call police.

On top of the accounts from the two women, a neighbor in the area also reported a car leaving the area with no headlights on.

Bass and Bruner's cell phones are still missing, but the suspects in the incident are not. Artemisa Sanchez, Ramiro Sanchez, Victor Garcia, and Angel Martinez have all been booked into Benton County Jail and are facing two counts of First Degree Robbery.


03/03/17 UPDATE:

KENNEWICK, WA - Law enforcement from across the Tri-Cities today worked together to arrest two men wanted for an armed robbery and shooting from last month.

"We obtained an arrest warrant for him for robbery in the first degree," said Detective Sergeant Ryan Kelly with the Kennewick Police Department.

'Him', referring to Angel Martinez, one of four people wanted in connection with a robbery where shots were fired, that happened on February 19th on the 1600 block of South Dayton Place.

Today officers found Martinez in a house on West 4th Avenue. 

"Some detectives this morning saw him come into this house, so we contained it," said Sgt. Kelly.

Meaning that cops from a number of agencies were on scene, including Kennewick Police, Benton County Sheriff, and even SWAT, once Martinez did not initially give himself up.

"We also had information that he was armed with a firearm."

The type of situation where slow and steady wins the race.

"And that's the reason why we were so slow and methodical about this."

But while these officers were busy cleaning up in Kennewick, another surveillance team in Richland found the final, active suspect in the robbery: Romero Sanchez.

"They saw him getting into a car to leave the residence," said Commander Scott Child with the Kennewick Police Department. "The officers were able to take the car down at a traffic stop and we have him in custody."

In the house where officers found Ramirez, they also found another five people; one who was arrested on an unrelated warrant.

What we're still left trying to figure out is who those other four people are, and if they had any connection to the crime.

After some digging, we learned that this is not the first time Angel Martinez and Romero Sanchez have had run-ins with the law.

As it turns out, 32-year-old Angel Martinez has court documents dating as far back as 2003. They list charges of a DUI, Failure to Stop, Attempt to Allude, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm. 

After speaking with Pasco Police, reporter Kristina Shalhoup found out that 21-year-old Romero Sanchez has a record of his own. He's had five warrants listed in the past 143 days, and has had prior arrests for Theft, Assault Two, and Failure to Comply. 

Now both men have been booked in jail and, for now, are facing charges of Robbery in the First Degree. The investigation, however, is still ongoing. After obtaining search warrants for the homes where Martinez and Sanchez were found, officers are hoping to find evidence relating to the robbery in February.


03/03/17 UPDATE:

KENNEWICK, WA - On February 19th just after 8:00 p.m. a shooting related to a robbery occurred in the 1600 block of south Dayton Place of Kennewick. The Kennewick Police Department identified four possible suspects in the crime.

As of noon today the last two suspects were located and arrested.

Angel Martinez, 32, was found and arrested after a short standoff with police and the regional SWAT team in the 100 block of west 4th Avenue in Kennewick.

A short time after Martinez’s arrest the last outstanding suspect, Romero Sanchez, 21, was seen by surveillance units entering a house in the 2400 block of Horizon View Lane in Richland. The regional SWAT team moved to Richland and ended up arresting Sanchez as he was leaving the Horizon View Lane address in a vehicle.

The Kennewick Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Division continues to finish this investigation with search warrants at both locations attempting to locate evidence from the original crimes.

The Kennewick Police Department appreciates all the help provided by the regional SWAT team as well as the local, state and federal agencies involved in these apprehensions.

If someone has information that they would like to provide while remaining confidential, they may call the Crime Stoppers line at 586-TIPS (8477), 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or visit


KENNEWICK, WA - Police are looking for two suspects they say were involved in a shooting Sunday night. Police were called to the 1600 Blk. of S Dayton Place around 8:00 p.m.

Officers say a 28-year-old man had a disagreement with two Hispanic males in their late teens or early 20s. During the disagreement, one of the suspects pulled out a pistol and pointed it at the victim. The victim was able to hide behind a nearby truck and wasn't hurt.

Police say the two suspects took off in a white four door sedan with tinted windows and smoked dark square tail lights.

Officers tell NBC Right Now that it is likely the suspects and victim knew each other and that there is no threat to the public. 

If you know anything about this case, you're asked to call Kennewick Police at (509) 628-0333 or Crime Stoppers at 1(800) 222-8477.