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Noel Canning strike in Yakima

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03/01/17 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - The following is a return to work press release regarding the Noel Canning strike after nine days of striking.

"Teamsters Local Union 760 Bargaining Unit employees of Noel Canning, have elected to return to work after being on an Unfair Labor Practice strike for the past nine days. The decision was made after members received a letter from Noel Canning indicating imminent settlement of several Unfair Labor Practice charges.

"Noel Canning representative Bruce Steelman, sent letters to the striking employees outlining Noel’s intent to settle a number of unfair labor practice charges to include allowing the Teamsters Business Representatives access to the plant to post notices, investigate grievances and working conditions; to cease discriminating against bargaining unit employees for wearing union apparel; to work with the NLRB to pay the Bargaining Unit members back wages the Company was ordered to pay by the Circuit Court; and back pay all pension contributions.

"Teamsters Union Local 760 sent an unconditional offer to return to work on Tuesday February 27, 2017 at 1:30pm. The Union is waiting for a response from the Company at this time."


03/01/17 UPDATE: 

YAKIMA, WA - About three dozen workers at Noel Canning in Yakima will return to work after a week-long strike.
The workers, represented by Teamsters Local Union 760, voted to return to work after the company sent a letter to employees agreeing to settle a number of unfair labor practice charges.
The union said Tuesday that the company agreed to again allow union representatives to visit the facility to investigate grievances and tend to other business; end discrimination against employees who wear union apparel and to pay owed pensions.
The strike was the latest in the conflict between Noel Canning and the union, which dates back several years.


YAKIMA, WA - Today was the first full day of protests outside Noel Canning on First Street just south of downtown Yakima. 

The demonstration started yesterday evening. Protesters are working in three shifts in front of the office as well as the main entrance to the warehouse just up the road on Third and Arlington Streets.

The dispute between Noel and the employees goes back all the way to 2010. Both sides negotiated on a new two-year contract. The agreement would have had Noel paying 40 cents an hour to the employees pensions for two years, but Noel didn't sign the contract, so the union filed an unfair labor practice charge that has now gone through multiple courts.

"Went through the National Labor Relations Board, up through the Circuit Court who recently ordered Noel this last year in 2016 to pay all that back money," said Bob Koerner, Teamsters Local Union 760 Representative. "To date he has not paid a dime of the money." 

Teamsters Local Union 760 says Noel Canning also won't allow their business representative to make shop visits or inspections inside the facility, and have discriminated against employees for wearing union apparel on the job, which is allowed.

NBC Right Now made several calls to Noel and to their lawyer, Gary Lofland, earlier today, and was told multiple times that he was unavailable.

Employees say that until the unfair labor practices are resolved, they will continue to strike.