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Pet Food Drive donor explains how she found her puppy

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KENNEWICK, WA - Reporter Kristina Shalhoup was just one of our team members we had out today for our Pet Food Drive, and she met a woman who met her puppy in a very unconventional way.

For Victoria Torres and her newest dog, it's been a long road. 

"I cried when I found her. I was like, 'why are you out here? You're so young!'," said Torres.

Especially because the road was where Torres found her.

"Found her on the side of the road, over by Road 100 taking my other dog to the vet," Torres explained.

The puppy was so scared she nearly ran into traffic, and it took plenty of coaxing before she let Torres come near her.

"It took a while to get her to come towards me," said Torres. "I had to bride her with treats and just talk to her. And once I got her in my truck and got her to calm down, she just laid in my lap the entire time."

With no tags and knowing nothing about the dog, Torres took her to the vet to learn more, but unfortunately...

"Once I got her to the vet and had her check for a microchip...nothing," Torres said. "I had them see how old she was, and they said probably about three months."

What she learned was that the pup had no place to call home.

"So I ended up keeping her for a couple weeks, trying to figure out where her home was at. Couldn't find anybody," she admitted. "Posted things on Facebook, posted things on the shelter."

But after no one came forward, Torres decided enough was enough, and the puppy - who she named Gracie Lou - needed a permanent place to live. 

"I just decided to keep her, and I'm glad I did because she's my little girl. She's my baby."

A happy ending for both the owner...

"She's eating, she's playing, she's enjoying life like a puppy should."

...and her new furry family member.