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A tour of the new Pasco Police Station

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PASCO, WA - The Pasco Police Department is unveiling its brand new police station to the public as we speak. A 15-year public safety tax bond, passed in 2011, will cover the cost of the facility. 

Reporter Rex Carlin took a tour of the building today, and also learned that some members of the Pasco Police Department moved into the new space last week, while the remainder of the department plans to move in throughout this week.

The improvements are obvious. No more climbing stairs at a crowded city hall to find the police station, no more parking problems, no more confusion on where the police station is even located...and these are big selling points the Pasco Police Department is advertising to the public.

In all the recent years of massive growth in population in Pasco, the police station never got the chance to grow along with it. Now, that's all in Pasco's past.

"I hope we've come through for them, and we want to continue with that partnership and that trust they have in us to be good stewards of their dollars," said Capt. Ken Roske. "I think as we've showed you through the building, you'll see that it's certainly not elegant, but functional."

Functional...a word you'd struggle to be able to use when describing the old building.

The total cost of the new building is being estimated at around $8 million, but exact figures aren't available quite yet.

Tours of the new building are available starting at 5:20 this evening. The open house is happening right now at the new Pasco Police Station, which is actually right behind the old police station on the 2nd floor of City Hall.