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A personal look into each member of the Pasco detective team

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PASCO, WA - The Pasco Police Department may have a brand new building, but the hardworking team remains the same. This morning, reporter Crystal Garcia got to know the investigative team a little better.

The detective team is made up of five men, detectives Romero, Aceves, Davis, Smith, and Caicedo; each of which who work closely with an Evidence Technician.

Detective Jesse Romero is the most senior detective with the department. He's seen a lot and done a lot, fulfilling a childhood dream.

"Ever since I was a little boy I wanted to be a police officer, and later on I pursued it," said Romero.

Now he is serving a community he knows very well.

"I grew up here in Pasco, I went to school in Pasco, and now serving the community I have a lot of contacts, people that call me all the time," he said.

Growing with the community and learning from each case, Romero says his favorite part of the job is...

"Helping people really. Cause we work with the prosecutor's office, we'll go to court, we'll testify," Romero said. "Whatever may come, good or bad, we see the outcome."

And the detective that has been by Romero's side the longest is detective Tony Aceves.

"I applied in 2006," said Aceves, a five-year detective with Pasco PD. "I was hired then, and I started as a patrol, did that for five years."

After those five years, Aceves decided to move into detective work because...

"I like the work of getting a case and seeing it through to the end."

Originally from Texas, the military brought Aceves to Washington, the Tri-Cities, because it reminded him of home in San Antonio.

"Since I got hired on in Pasco, it just became my family," said Aceves. "This is why I like working here, it's always an enjoyment coming to work."

Contributing to that joy is detective Jonathan Davis, who is originally from California...moving to Tri-Cities to raise his family. He never worked in law enforcement until fate came into play.

"Got a job at the Pasco Municipal Court, records court, working in probation," said Davis. "Officers would come in and out, and I've never thought about being a police officer ever in my life, but I saw the position became open...I thought about it, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought I'd be good at it and something I'd enjoy, so I applied."

It's been history ever since. He's been with the department for eight years and a detective for two, and loves his work. Tackling all kinds of cases, Davis uses his Spanish speaking skills often at work.

"I think it gives me a little bit of an edge," said Davis. "I don't look like I can speak it so I can catch people slipping...so it helps."

He's in other divisions as well.

"I'm assigned to our mobile forensics and do all the downloads, and I'm also assigned to our missing persons unit," Davis said.

And someone who helps collect the evidence to help Davis and the rest of the detectives is Ashley Davis, the department's evidence technician.

"My job means everything to me," she said. "I think my job is fun, it's exciting, it's different every day. I go out and process a crime scene, so that will include to collect evidence, photographing things, maybe going to autopsies, multiple different roles when I go out."

It's a job she's done for about nine years, starting out in her hometown with Yakima Police Department and then moving over to Richland PD...and it's been almost three years since landing a job with Pasco PD working closely with the detective unit.

"We work hand-in-hand so I'm able to see everything from start to finish and see justice for a family, I'm able to show how something happened to their loved one, and I love the guys I work with," Davis said.

Like detective Corey Smith, who has been with the department for fifteen years and a detective for three, with his start being more on the unusual side.

"Actually, I got it when me and my wife moved down here," Smith said. "I got a parking ticket from Pasco PD and it brought me into the station, I saw one of the reserve applications and thought, 'oh, I should do that'."

The thought came to him after taking a career personality test in school while growing up in Spokane, and after some time here, he quickly learned he had a knack for it.

"I like the hunt, trying to figure out and solve a case, who did it," said Smith. "I enjoy that process."

Hard-working and naturally curious, Smith takes his cases to heart.

"I work hard, and when I get a case, in some aspects I take it personal so I kinda get into it and sometimes it becomes part of my life for however long I'm working on it."

Passion is not lacking in the detectives unit, especially in the newest member of the team; Chris Caicedo.

"I've been with the department for four years, and a detective just a month," said Caicedo.

A Tri-Cities native, Caicedo started out as a patrol officer with the department, decided he wanted to get into more investigative work, and so far things are looking up.

"I have a lot of help here with the guys, and so far it's going well," Caicedo said.

In starting his path, he says this is what he looks forward to the most:

"Seeing somebody, you know how happy they could be once you solve something for them," Caicedo said. "You can take the worst experience and possibly turn it to the best by helping them in any way that you can."

"That is the recurring theme with all the detectives in the division...working hard to solve cases, together, to succeed.