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AG Ferguson's and local immigration lawyer's take on revised travel ban

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WASHINGTON - President Trump released his revised executive order this morning, banning travel into the U.S. for people from six designated countries...and there are differences between the original and new version.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson spoke this afternoon, giving his reaction to the revised order. It was a combination of happiness and concern from Ferguson today.

The revised travel ban is set to go into effect March 16th, and this one sets the restrictions much more clearly than the original one...including that anyone here with a Visa or green card won't be affected.

"The original executive order, to be blunt, was illegal and unconstitutional," said Ferguson.

AG Ferguson's press conference today included mixed feelings this afternoon, hours after President Trump signed the second addition of his travel ban.

The new travel ban has no affect on green card holders, any refugee already admitted to the U.S., any duel-citizen traveling on a passport issued by a country not on the list, or any foreign national who has documentation to enter the country other than a Visa issued after March 16th.

The revised version also includes only six countries; Iraq has been taken off the list.

"Specifically in regard to the Tri-Cities, we do have a lot of Iraqis that are here, so they are no longer affected by this ban," said local immigration lawyer Eamonn Roach.

Roach says when you read the two orders one after the other, the differences between them are staggering.

"You're dealing with the Department of Labor, you're dealing with the Department of State, you're dealing with the Department of Homeland Security," said Roach. "This first executive order clearly wasn't looked at by a single one of those. This second one, it looks like it's gone through three or five different departments."

AG Ferguson says the Trump Administration creating a new executive order is an acknowledgment of wrongdoing, especially since the administration didn't actually appeal the ninth circuit court's decision as was previously stated. In that sense, Ferguson says it's a victory, but that doesn't mean he has no concerns over the new order.

"The new order, of course, still has a temporary ban on refugees coming into the United States, and still has six countries where individuals from those countries face a 90-day period where they cannot come into the country," Ferguson said. "That is still an area of concern for us, because as you know, as we put forward in our legal case, the intent behind the original order is of deep concern to us."