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Patrolling the streets with a Yakima County Sheriff's Office deputy

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YAKIMA, WA - Despite what you see on TV, officers are not always chasing bad guys down busy streets. So what is a day really like for them?

Reporter Veronica Padilla got a look behind the badge during a ride-along with the Yakima County Sheriff's office, spending an entire shift with a deputy who used to be a high school agriculture teacher. Now, he patrols the lower Yakima Valley.

"What the reality of our job is that, at its core, is to help people," said Deputy Jake Church.

Deputy Church has been with the YCSO for ten months. But he's by no means a rookie. He spent the first sixteen years of his career with Toppenish police.

And their first call of the day?

"We're going to try to pick up a guy on a warrant who has a violent history," said Deputy Church.

But to their surprise, they found the suspect just moments after leaving the precinct, walking down the road. He was arrested without incident and taken to jail.

And every call is like that; you never know what's going to happen.

"My next call could be a cow in the road. Or it could be, I mean, murder cases aren't fun but it could be something exciting like that," Deputy Church explained. "Every day is different and it's usually interesting at some point, so that I do like."

But the biggest concern for law enforcement?

Every time they respond to a scene, they are walking up to people who could hurt or even kill them.

"There are times where, 'okay, this doesn't feel right,' and if it doesn't you better listen to that feeling," said Deputy Church. "So, it's got to always be there but you can't let it paralyze you either."

Despite the fears, men and women like Deputy Church still put on their uniforms every day to protect the people. Even when some may think that the police have it out for them or their family.

"A lot of people think we're in it to just arrest people. I'll tell you a good day for me is if I don't have to."