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Local woman has over 250 Barbies

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YAKIMA, WA - Today is National Barbie Day...we asked our viewers if you knew anyone who loves Barbies, and oh did we luck out. Reporter Crystal Garcia met with a local Barbie lover who owns more than a handful of Barbies.

"I play with Barbies," said 36-year-old Melissa Maggard. "I take them out, mix up their outfit, pose them around my room."

From having them in an ice cream parlor or even a wedding concert..."This is Brandy and Shakira performing at Ken and Barbie's wedding." Playing with Barbies is a pastime that started when she was just a girl.

"When I was little, my mom gave me her first Barbies and I would play with them," Maggard explained.

Maggard shared some pictures from the beginning of her love affair. "I had this Barbie Corvette," she pointed out a picture, "I was the coolest kid on the block," and "That's my favorite Barbie, the first brand-new Barbie."

Fast forward to today, and she still has that Barbie. "This is my favorite, sparkly dress."

Playing with them, styling them, is something she takes pretty seriously, realizing her obsession when..."All the other girls were into makeup, Vanilla Ice, and Nkotb, but I wanted to go home and play with Barbies, change their dresses," she admitted.

It even affects her daily routines.

"Never put my Barbies away naked...I can be playing and I will be late because I have to get my Barbies dressed," said Maggard.

For Maggard, Barbie is much more than just a doll. "Barbie is like an eternal childhood, like the Peter Pan for girls," she said. "You never grow up."

This special hobby gives her an escape from adult life. "I think she kept my innocence longer, rather than having bills or a job."

"You fueled my Barbie passion...you bought me my first Barbies," Maggard teases her mom, Patty Prediletto, as they sit with Crystal Garcia to talk about Maggard's love for the Barbie world. A love that started when Prediletto passed down a third-edition Barbie that was given to her when she was a girl back in 1964, just a couple of years after Barbie made her debut into the world.

Since Barbie's debut in 1959, hundreds of Barbies have been released, and Maggard became one of those girls who needed to have them.

"She was a lot of a girly girl," said Prediletto while describing her daughter, "always wanted to change their hair, and every Christmas she wanted what was Barbie that year."

And the collection continued year after year: Barbie shoes, clothes, and accessories kept adding to Maggard's Barbie world.

A world that she can't seem to part with to this day. Maggard says Barbie keeps her young at heart, and she says one day maybe she'll give them to potential granddaughters, because she has no daughters of her own, only three boys.