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Erosion and winter weather closes roads

Crews working to reopen roads in local counties

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NBC RIGHT NOW - Right now, Benton and Franklin County are working to reopen roads in the area after the winters damaged them. Here's a list of some of the roads that are still closed:

Benton County Short Term Closures:
- Crooks Rd. from Rotha Rd. To Case Rd.
- Crosby Rd. at Pearl Rd. to Crooks Rd. 
- Crooks Rd. at Franks Rd.
- Glade Creek Rd. from Horrigan Rd. to S end of road
- Hickman Rd. from SR 221 to end of road
- Missimer Rd. from MW Anderson Rd. to Bennett Rd.
- Rothrock Rd. at McClure Rd. to Crooks Rd.
- Ward Gap Rd. from Sellards Rd. to Byron Rd.

Benton County Long Term Closures:
- McBee Rd. from the trail access to County Well Rd.
- Ward Gap Rd. from Richards Rd to Sellards Rd.

Franklin County Closures:
- All of Bauermeister Rd.
- All of Black Rd.
- Blackburn Rd. from Fishook-Elgin Rd. to PH 15
- All of Blackman Ridge
- All of Broxon Rd.
- Coordes Rd. to 3.1 miles north on Blanton Rd.
- Copp Rd. from Miller Rd. to Hoover Rd.
- Coyan Rd. from Moon Rd. to Hatton Rd.
- Delany Rd. from Reynolds Rd. to McCallum Rd.
- Fishook-Elgin Rd. from Pepiot Rd. to Overturf Rd.
- Glade North Rd. from Sagemoor Rd. to Elm Rd.
- All of Harper Rd.
- All of Hoon Rd.
- Ironwood Rd. from Garfield Rd. to Lanford Rd.
- Krug Rd. from Paradise Rd. South until the curve
- Lind Rd. from Hoover Rd. to Myers Rd.
- Lonestar Rd. from Broxon Rd to Hoover Rd.
- All of Miller Rd.
- All of Myers Rd.
- The gravel part of Overturf Rd.
- PH #15 from Reynolds Rd. to Mesa-Kahlotus Rd.
- All of Rice Rd.
- Selph Landing Rd. from Glade North Rd. to Taylor Flats Rd.
- Settler Rd. from Warehouse Rd. to Dilling Rd.
- Hooper Rd. from Holly Rd. to Hope Valley Rd.