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Snow melt flooding causing problems in West Valley

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WEST VALLEY, WA - A lot of people in West Valley are still recovering after a flood tore through homes this weekend. Now people are worried that it will just get worse as temperatures rise.

Reporter Gilbert Magallon learned that much of the flooding in the area was caused by Cotton Wood Creek overflowing, and it's left many worried that it'll happen again. Roads and homes in West Valley continue to see floodwater running through Cotton Wood Canyon Road and West Canyon Road, affecting residents like Chuck Lowell.

"Over the weekend we had a pond give way up the road from my house and it just sent a massive flood of water through, knocked down several fences on this property," said Lowell.

This caused significant damage he now has to pay for.

"I would say a couple thousand, but it could be a lot lower, if not none, if some of the things like drainage ditches were maintained properly," Lowell said.

The flooding was a result of snow melt. It raised water levels, causing creeks and other bodies of water to overflow.

"There was a fence along here that got wiped out by all the water building up," Lowell said. "There was a fence as you can see right here, that got wiped out."

And with warmer temperatures on the way, Lowell worries it's only going to get worse, but he hopes more work gets done to help him and others in the area.

"Clean out some of the ditches, so that way the water has someplace to actually flow instead of running right through peoples' property like it is here."

A flood advisory is in effect for different parts of Yakima until 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.