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A Siri prank gaining popularity could get you a misdemeanor

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PASCO, WA - When your hands are full, you can use tools like Siri to check the weather, get directions, or even make a phone call. But right now, people across the country are using the hands-free tool for a prank that has caused a lot of trouble.

You might have heard or already have been asked to tell Siri the number "108". Well, as it turns out, 108 is the equivalent of 911 in India, and when you say it to Siri, Siri thinks that you have an emergency and dials 911.

As Sergeant Scott Warren told reporter Kristina Shalhoup today, dialing 911 when you don't actually have an emergency is considered a misdemeanor...but the consequences can even go up from there.

"If you are responsible for the system crashing or something to those effects, it could ultimately be investigated back to you and could result in criminal charges," Sgt. Warren said.

Sgt. Warren told her that in a situation like this, you're best off telling the dispatcher the truth and that there is no emergency. 

Of course, you're better off just not trying out the prank at all, and encouraging others to do the same.