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A twist during the court appearance of second captured inmate Steven Roche

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04-27-17 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - The second Yakima inmate who was able to escape from a detention center three weeks ago is back in jail.

There was a twist during Steven Roche's preliminary appearance in court earlier this afternoon. Yakima County prosecutors asked the judge to dismiss the escape charges.

The judge agreed.

Reporter Veronica Padilla reached out to Prosecutor Steven Jackson to find out the reasoning behind his request. He says that because Roche is a contract inmate from Idaho, Kootenai County will be prosecuting Roche with the escape.

Jackson says Roche also has two drug offender sentencing cases out of Spokane County and that there are holds on those felony cases based on non-compliance.


04-26-17 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - The extensive manhunt for the second escaped inmate from Yakima is finally over. Steven Roche was captured at about 3:00 a.m. this morning in the Tacoma-Olympia area.

According to the Yakima County Sheriff's Office, Roche was arrested by officers of the Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force. Tips led police to his location in Thurston County. The task force then set up surveillance at a hotel. When police were able to positively identify him, they moved in and arrested the 31-year-old in the parking lot without incident.

Roche had been on the run since April 3rd when he and Chad Tipton escaped from the Yakima County Jail on Pacific Avenue because of a faulty lock that led to the rec yard. Tipton was caught five days later in Olympia.

YCSO says Roche has been brought back to the Yakima County Jail. He's expected to make an appearance in court tomorrow.


YAKIMA, WA (AP) - Authorities say police have now captured both men who escaped from the county jail in Yakima earlier this month.

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office says police early Wednesday arrested 31-year-old Steven Roche without incident at a hotel in in southwestern Washington.

Officials arrested 31-year-old Chad Tipton of Post Falls, Idaho on April 7th in Olympia, Washington.

The Yakima Department of Corrections says officers doing a head count early on April 4th discovered they were missing.

Both were held on charges from Kootenai County, Idaho.

Roche is accused of burglary and forgery, while Tipton is accused of assault and other charges. They now face an added charge of escape.


04/10/17 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - One of the inmates who was able to escape a Yakima County Detention Center last week is back where he belongs - behind bars.

Chad Tipton made his preliminary appearance in front of a judge earlier this afternoon. He was arrested without incident on Friday night in Olympia. Now he's faces charges for the escape and is being held on a $50,000 bail.

The other man who escaped with him - Steven Roche - is still on the run. If you see him or know where he is, call 911.


04/08/17 UPDATE: 

YAKIMA, WA - One of the two inmates who escaped from the Yakima County Correctional Center is now back in police custody. On Saturday, we spoke with Tumwater Police, who told us that patrol officers received a tip that someone had seen Chad Tipton in a Chevy Malibu at a Safeway gas station near Olympia city lines on Friday Night. 

When officers got there, they found, and searched the car. But, Tipton wasn't there. At that point, he had ditched the car, and walk from Tumwater into Olympia.

Around 11:30 p.m., Pacific Northwest Violent Offender Task Force arrested Tipton in Olympia.

Police are still looking for the second inmate who escaped, 31-year-old Steven Douglas Roche. His last known address was in Spokane. If you see him, do not approach him. Instead, call 911 immediately. 


04/05/17 UPDATE:

YAKIMA, WA - Police are still looking for two inmates who were able to escape from the Yakima County Correctional Center yesterday. 

Investigators now know how they did it. Steven Roche and Chad Tipton took advantage of a faulty-looking mechanism inside the recreational yard. Several tests by the facilities staff showed the lock failed when it was put in the lock position, causing the door to open.

DOC says "the failure is not the result of a staff failure to lock the door".

Meanwhile, the Yakima County Sheriff's Office is now leading the investigation to find Roche and Tipton. It's still unclear exactly what time they escaped.

Corrections officers realized they were gone at 4:00 a.m. yesterday morning.

The Sheriff's Office says they still don't know where they are, but that several tips from the public suggest they're not familiar with the area and are actively trying to get out.

YCSO says if you do see either suspect, do not approach them. Instead, call 911 or the Sheriff's Office at (509) 574-2500.



YAKIMA, WA - Two inmates escaped from the Yakima County Correctional Center at 1500 Pacific Avenue early this morning. One of the inmates is 31-year-old Steven Douglas Roche from Spokane, held on charges of burglary and forgery. The other is 31-year-old Chad Everett Tipton from Post Falls, Idaho, charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, assault, and driving with a suspended license.

"When you have firearms charges, assault charges like that, you take that into consideration," said Ed Levesque, Yakima County Sheriff's Office Chief Detective. "I would consider them dangerous; are they armed? Probably not, but I don't know."

The DOC discovered the two were missing after doing a head count at 4:00 a.m. this morning. Prior to that one, the last head count was done on Monday night at 7:00 p.m. 

After searching the facility, it was discovered that a door was not secured leading from the inside of the recreational yard to outside. The only way the door could have been opened would be with staff keys.

"We are not sure if this was just an opportunity for them and they just took advantage of it and got out," Levesque said. "We are not sure how elaborate or how well-planned, if planned, this escape was."

Before they were moved to Yakima, both inmates were being held in Kootenai County. DOC says that in Yakima they were both housed in the same dorm.

We reached out to one of Tipton's family members who chose to remain anonymous, but had this to say to his cousin.

"He knows that I love him and I'd ask him to do the right thing, and turn himself back in," the cousin said.

At the moment, DOC is investigating if the inmates acted alone or were helped. 

Meanwhile, the Yakima County Sheriff's Office has deployed a task force to search for the inmates. Tuesday afternoon, arrest warrants charging the two men with felony escape were issued by Yakima County Superior Court.

If you have any information on the escaped inmates, you are encouraged to contact law enforcement.

Yakima County Sheriff's Office: 509-574-2500

Yakima County Crime Stoppers: 1-800-248-9980

Yakima Police Department: 509-575-6200



YAKIMA, WA - Law enforcement investigators continue the search for the two inmates that have escaped from the Yakima County Correctional Center located at 1900 Pacific Avenue in Yakima. The location of the inmates is not known and it is not known at this time if the inmates remain in the Yakima County area.

Photographs of the inmates are attached to this article and the public is encouraged to be on the lookout for them.

31-year-old Steven Roche is described as being 6 ft 1 inch tall and weighing 315 pounds. He has blue eyes and a receding hairline with red hair including a red beard and mustache. Roche was in custody on Kootenai County Felony charges of for multiple counts of Burglary, Grand Theft and Forgery. Steven Roche’s name is tattooed onto his left shoulder.

31-year-old Chad Tipton is described as being 5 ft 11 inches tall and weighing 170 pounds. He has blue eyes and brown hair with a brown beard and mustache. Tipton was in custody on Kootenai County Felony charges of for Aggravated Assault, Aggravated Battery and Possession of a Firearm as the result of an incident on December 15th in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho where Tipton was involved in a shooting. Chad Tipton has a tattoo of two clown masks on the right side of his neck under his right ear.

Additional details will be released as they become available.

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office at 574-2500 or 800-572-0490.  Tips including anonymous tips can also be called into Crime Stoppers of Yakima County at 248-9980 or 800-248-9980 or on the internet at yakima.crimestoppersweb.com.


YAKIMA, WA - Local police are looking for two inmates after Yakima County Corrections Officers say they were unaccounted for during a head count Tuesday morning. Correction Officers did a head count at 7:00 Monday night and everyone was there, however when they checked again at 4:00 Tuesday morning, the two were missing. 

Officers searched the area and found a door leading outside the recreation yard unlocked. Officers don't know when the door was open, but the Department of Corrections says indications are the door was left un-secure by an employee. Officers say another internal gate was found open and while pry marks were found inside the door, they don't think that's how the inmates escaped.

The two inmates missing are 31-year-old Steven Roche and 31-year-old Chad Tipton. Roche's last known address is from Spokane and he was being held for burglary and forgery. Tipton's last known address was out of Post Falls Idaho. Tipton was being held for assault, driving with a suspended license, and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Local police have been informed about the inmates.

Right now, police don't know if they had help leaving the grounds. If you know anything about the two subjects you should call police or 911.