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Yakima mosquito control for upcoming season

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YAKIMA COUNTY, WA - We're only four months into the year, and the Yakima County Mosquito Control District 1 is predicting an increase in mosquitoes. The reason: rain and flooding.

"This year everything is wet, everything is producing mosquito larva, and we have got to get out there and treat it before mosquitoes hatch off and start flying around," said Kelley Beehler, Yakima County Mosquito Control District 1 Manager.

The Mosquito Control District is tasked with monitoring, testing, and reducing the mosquito population. To do this, they use different tools like growth suppressors and EVS traps.

"An E-V-S trap; we put dry ice in this container," said Beehler. "The dry ice will emit carbon dioxide out of these holes, there is also a light down here and a fan in this lower unit."

Control starts when mosquitoes are in the larva stage. The district says that larva can usually be found in still water and on the edges of ponds. To prevent them from reaching adulthood, the district treats water with a growth suppressor. They do this two different ways.

"We use the spreader or the Maryauma, which is the mechanical blower, which will blow about 60 feet," said Mark McCoy, Yakima County Mosquito Control Public Operator. "So it will blow almost all the way across this pond."

In Yakima County, there are over 50 species of mosquitoes.

"The mosquitoes that we are seeing right now are more of nuisance, they are not really capable of transmitting a virus and we are just trying to keep those down so people can enjoy their backyards," said Beehler. 

Mosquito Control says people can help with mosquito reduction by removing standing water on their properties.