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Law enforcement and sheriff's office training for boat season

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RICHLAND, WA - Today wrapped up a week-long, annual program that trains law enforcement from across our region on basic boating operations. Reporter Mackenzie Maynard got an inside look at the Washington State Parks and Recreation Boating Law Enforcement Program, where they train all week long...and put the trainees to the test at the end of the week. 

"This is where they're going through mock scenes, going through scenarios and putting knowledge to use in practical situations," said Deputy John Judice, an instructor.

Practical situations like boating under the influence...

"How to retrieve their vessel if they are impaired, take care of the operator, and arrested, if that is the case," Deputy Judice said.

Franklin and Benton Sheriff's Offices were just two of the many out on the water, but when Mackenzie Maynard made her way onto the boat, it was Mercer Island in the hot seat.

All of the scenarios were acted out for the purpose of training, and no actual drinking was involved.

The boat she was on had a hypothetical engine malfunction, so Mercer Island officers had to tow it to the dock, along with providing a safety check of the boat.

"No seat cushion with handles."

"Show me the life ring."

All while handling people under the influence.

"I've given you a citation for not having any PFDs on here."

After the safety check was complete, the boat was towed to dock and citations were handed out. The instructor gave Mercer Island their feedback.

"It does enable us to work with police departments and sheriff's office throughout the state and give them what they need to start the season, because it's going to get real busy, real quick," said Deputy Judice.

But boating season is just starting, so keep this as a friendly reminder to be safe and smart as you hit the water with your friends and families.