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Living Green: Orchard Elementary 5th graders recycle

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RICHLAND, WA - All month long we've been bringing you stories about living green, and students at one local elementary school are doing their part in helping out the cause. 

We all can do little things to help the environment, and at Orchard Elementary School, reporter Crystal Garcia learned that the 5th graders have taken it upon themselves to start recycling.

"Orchard Elementary, we use paper a lot," said 5th grader Alex Crowley.

At least once a week, students like Alex go from classroom to classroom collecting used paper and understanding the importance behind it.

"The recycling program really helps because it's teaching kids that we need to recycle," said 5th grader Leland Green. "If we don't, it will end up somewhere it's not supposed to."

As the older kids on campus, the boys say it's important to show the rest of the students at Orchard responsibility and eco-friendliness.

"I think it helps us to learn responsibility and to know that we're doing this and we're just kids, and we're helping the environment just by doing this," 5th grader Ben Higbee said.

They do it just before the end of the school day, returning with bins full of paper materials to get recycled. It's a tradition that all the students Crystal Garcia talked to say they want to continue for the rest of their lives and pass on to their younger classmates.