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Kristina on the Course: Making pressure putts

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WALLA WALLA, WA - Spring is here, the weather is warming up, and people are finally getting a chance to hit the greens. Reporter Kristina Shalhoup visited Wine Valley Golf Course and learned some tips and tricks that'll help you sink those shaky pressure putts.

"It's something they do every time," said John Thorsnes, the head pro at Wine Valley Golf Club. "Whether they're on the practice putting green, in a practice round during a tournament, or more importantly, during the tournament itself."

"Were you watching the Masters a couple weeks ago?" Kristina asked Thorsnes.

"Absolutely," he replied.

"It was hard not to watch," Kristina said, "it was a great tournament. Sergio Garcia clinching his first major win. And a big part of that was the 15th hole; he sunk a phenomenal eagle putt that really turned his round around.

"Maybe we're not all playing for a green jacket, but maybe we bet a little money in a match...maybe we're about to shoot a career low. How do we alleviate pressure on big putts like that?"

"I think what the golf pros do better than most Ams is they have a pre-shot routine," said Thorsnes. "It's something they do every time, whether they're on the practice green, in a practice round, or in a tournament. They always have that same routine to go back to."

Thorsnes asked to see an example of Kristina's pre-shot, and after seeing it...

"Okay. After I decide what the line is, I'll step up over the ball and I'll take a couple of practice strokes just beside the ball staring at the hole, letting my eyes tell me how hard to hit the putt," Thorsnes explained. "Once I feel that, I step up over the ball and I take that stroke, just trying to repeat the stroke and remember the speed."

"And boom! There it is; a great way to drop those putts, and maybe drop a few strokes in your round!"