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Are you "Bored in Tri-Cities"?

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TRI-CITIES, WA - It's something they heard all winter long: "It's so boring here", "there's nothing to do here", "what are you doing here?"

The married couple and co-owners Ahmad Amin and Renee Lewis have been living in Tri-Cities since last February, and they say no matter where you're living - New York City, Los Angeles, even as far as Dubai - people will always say they're bored.

"If you're limiting yourself unless it is offered to you, you won't find anything you seek," said Amin.

That's exactly what's led them to their next project. They launched their new Instagram account - Bored in Tri-Cities - just three weeks ago.

Bored in Tri-Cities highlights places like Howard Amon Park. They say they want to show off the beauty of the community that's all around us.

"If you just look to appreciate what's already there, there's so much nature here," Amin said.

So how do they find the material on their page?

"I don't drive a lot, I walk or take a bus somewhere and then things grab my attention," said Amin. "Then you start reading about something and you learn about 100,000 more."

And that's where they are today.

"We're like, 'we can just put all this stuff on Instagram and list a million things you can do in the Tri-Cities, just to counter everyone saying there's nothing to do here'," said Lewis.

Of course they want you to follow them on their journey, but they also want to hear from you and what you think makes the Tri-Cities not so boring. Their Instagram name is "boredin.tricities", comment on a post or message them!