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Why the current Tri-Cities housing market isn't looking too promising

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TRI-CITIES, WA - If you're driving around neighborhoods in the Tri-Cities, you may notice a lot of "For Sale" signs disappearing quickly. One of the reasons for that is because the Tri-Cities is advertised as being one of the most affordable places in the country to live. However, if you are looking to buy, you may have some trouble finding a home.

Reporter Jaclyn Selesky learned more about the current status of the housing market.

We don't think of the Tri-Cities as being a large metropolitan area, but right now, in some cases houses are selling in a day or even a few hours.

Take a look at the housing market. Families are flocking here, but the reality is there isn't enough supply to meet demand.

Jeff Losey with the Tri-Cities Home Builders Association told us the housing market is a delicate balance. Right now, it's a seller's market. Houses are flipping so fast because of a combination of factors, one of them being this past winter. Construction workers weren't able to do so much as lay foundation for months, so homes aren't being built at a quick enough pace.

"The builders don't build it hoping that there's going to be people to move into the homes, it's a reactionary industry," Losey said.

Losey told Jaclyn Selesky that they're in desperate need of more skilled workers in the construction industry, more houses and more lots of land.

He also said if the market continues on this path, it's going to start driving up the prices in the Tri-Cities. If you can't match the inventory level to consumers' demands, then that's what is called an unhealthy housing market.