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"Don't do it;" one still-grieving sister warns against drinking and driving

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WALLA WALLA, WA - Eight years ago, a woman died from a fiery head-on collision on Highway 12 near Airport Road at about 4:00 a.m.

A Toyota pickup collided head-on with a logging truck. The pickup immediately caught fire, and the driver died at the scene. The westbound off-ramp to Airport Road was closed for eight hours because of the accident. The logging truck driver wasn't hurt.

It's been eight years for Jessica Elliot, whose sister was the one who died in the crash.

"I'm mad at her but I miss her," Elliot said.

There isn't a day she doesn't think about it.

"Not something you can come back from, at all."

December 18th, 2009 was just like any other day; Elliot woke up, got ready for work, and went into the kitchen with her family.

"And I asked where Shannon was and that's when they told me there had been an accident," Elliot said. "So I ran up to her room and she wasn't there."

Her sister, Shannon, was 23 when she decided to drink and drive.

"Don't do it," Elliot said. "It's not worth it. I'd rather her be in jail right now, rather than..."

That's her message to everyone seeing this: don't do it.

This past Monday, Shannon would have turned 31...instead, she's missed out on so much, including watching her nephew Aiden grow up.

"Hopefully he'll know that I am just a phone call away."

While Aiden's only seven, she still worries about the moment he'll be presented with that same decision.

"I hope Aiden wouldn't want, he wouldn't make that decision," said Elliot. "But I won't know until we get there."