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Kristina on the Course: Playing in the wind

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WALLA WALLA, WA - Kristina Shalhoup was back out at Wine Valley Golf Club to learn about something you've all probably experienced: playing in the wind.

"Not easy, right?" Kristina said.

"Absolutely not," said John Thorsnes, Head Pro at Wine Valley Golf Club.

"I feel like a lot of people tend to take the same club and just whack at the ball even when they have 50 miles per hour of wind in their face," said Kristina. "Not the right thing to do?"

"Not the right idea at all," said Thorsnes. "The exact opposite, actually."

"Well let's hear what you should do then."

"Well, there's an old saying in golf: 'when it's breezy, swing easy,'" Thorsnes said. "And it's very true. I'll show you.

"I've got a seven iron in my hand, and on my normal shot, you'll see the ball flight is fairy high. So if I was playing in the wind, I'd probably switch to something like a five iron. I'd grip up on the club, play the ball about the same spot in my stance, but I'll take a shorter, easier swing so it's not going to produce nearly as much spin, and penetrate through the wind a lot better."

"There it is," Kristina said after his explanation. "That low trajectory. That's what we're aiming for, right?"


"Like what he said, when it's breezy, swing easy!"