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Kristina on the Course: Playing from the right tees

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WALLA WALLA, WA - Kristina Shalhoup was back out at Wine Valley Golf Club for another segment of Kristina on the Course. This week, she spoke with Head Pro John Thorsnes about playing from the right tees.

"I know it sounds silly, but it's actually super important," Kristina said. "Not only to play better, but to have more fun, right?"

"Absolutely," Thorsnes said. "And pace of play. I think people let their ego get in the way, and they'd actually have a lot more fun and play better if they were playing from the correct set of tees."

So they started off at Thorsnes' tees.

"Well, we're on the back tee box right now, that's 6,700 yards," Kristina said. "So, pretty far back. How far do you hit the ball off the tee?"

"Probably 250, 260 yards," said Thorsnes.

"Let's see a shot off yours; we'll see why these tees are fit for you," said Kristina. 

And after Thorsnes made his shot...

"Gorgeous shot! Very nice," Kristina said. "How far do you think you'll have in?"

"Probably 150 yards," Thorsnes responded.

"Alright, that's not too bad for you! How about me? I hit it about 230 on a great drive. What tees should I play?" Kristina asked.

"You should probably go up at least one tee, to the blue tees," Thorsnes told her.

"Okay, that's 6,300 yards, so that's pretty reasonable. Alright, let's do it."

They went up to the blue tees and Kristina made her shot.

"Very nice!" Thorsnes said.

"Thank you! Well, I think you're right. I think these are the tees for me, but for everyone else, how can you tell what tees to play from?"

"I think it's a combination of your handicap and how far you hit the ball," Thorsnes said. "The best thing you can do is just check in with the golf shop when you get to the golf course."