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How to spot counterfeit dollar bills

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KENNEWICK, WA - Funny money, bogus bills, whatever you want to call it...Kennewick Police are looking into counterfeit money being used at local stores. Reporter Stefani Zenteno learned about some things you should look out for.

Police say the fake bills look like regular 20 dollar bills, but the serial number on each bill is the same. A few days ago, Kennewick Police say someone passed four counterfeit 20 dollar bills at a local hotel. Within the last two to three weeks, five businesses have reported fake bills being used. Craig Hanson with the Kennewick Police Department says you should look out for blurry print and the texture of the bills.

"When you shift it in the light it will go from dark to green," Officer Hanson said. "Other things you can look in a counterfeit bill is the fiber in the paper. The paper the Department of Treasury uses will have red and blue fibers that you can actually pull out from the bill."

Officer Hanson says people have also tried to pass a 100 dollar bill that you can clearly see it says "for motion picture use only" printed on it.

Business owners should be sure to check all bills to make sure they're legitimate. Owners should also report any fake money to police.

"You as a business have the best at interest in making sure that you got a good bill, because if they pass a $100 counterfeit bill, you're out of the money and the product you gave to the person that used that bill," said Officer Hanson. "Whether or not they had intention, the owner ends up with the loss."