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Kristina on the Course: Taking a drop from a cart path

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WALLA WALLA, WA - For this week's segment of Kristina on the Course, Kristina Shalhoup and Wine Valley Golf Club's Head Pro, John Thorsnes, discussed the problem of taking a drop from a cart path.

"I think I've found myself in a little bit of a predicament!" Kristina said. "We're five holes in, and I'm sitting right in the middle of the cart path...and to be honest with you John, I don't want to ding up my club hitting this ball out of some cement. So, what are my options right now?"

"Don't blame you," Thorsnes said. "And obviously that's one of your options. You can hit it off the cart path, and sometimes that's the right thing to do, but you've gotta remember, this is free relief. You have to go to the nearest point of relief, not the favorite side. Like in this case, this side doesn't look very good, that side looks great...but as a right-hander, you're going to have to go over here."

"Man, I guess that makes sense," said Kristina. "Well, You've gotta do what the rules tell ya, right?"

"Absolutely," Thorsnes said.

"Alright. So John, how are we looking? Is this good for my point of relief?"

"Yes, so you've established the nearest point of relief where the path doesn't interfere, and you've taken one club length, and now you get to drop it," said Thorsnes.

"Let's see how it goes," Kristina said. "Oh, not quite there."

"If it drops and rolls more than two club lengths, you have to replace it after the second drop," Thorsnes said. "Which is what we do. There it is, that ball is good to go!"

"Alright, so John told me this was my option," said Kristina. "This is where my ball ended up after my drop, so let's see how the shot goes."

After Kristina made her shot...

"Very nice!" Thorsnes said.

"Not too bad, I'll take it," added Kristina. "Well John, thanks for the advice. What should people remember back at home?"

"Well, when you're taking free relief, you only get one club length, and you have to go to the nearest point of relief. Not necessarily the best side, or the side that looks the best."