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Yakima lawyers file paperwork to recall county clerk Janelle Riddle

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YAKIMA, WA - Efforts are underway in Yakima County to recall the county clerk, Janelle Riddle.

This afternoon, lawyers filed paperwork at the Auditor's Office at the Superior Courthouse in downtown Yakima to try and kick Riddle out of office. The 1,106-page statement of charges is the first significant step trying to recall Riddle.

Local attorneys say documents in the statement are proof she's violating her oath of office. They believe the Clerk's Office is "barely functional" with Riddle running things.

"One of the clerk's duties is to provide services to judges in the courtroom. The clerk (Riddle) has resisted doing that," said Bob Young, a Yakima lawyer. "Our Superior Court judges had to enact a local rule specifying exactly what the clerk needs to do. She (Riddle) threatened not to do that and told the County Commissioners that she would go to jail rather than do that. That would result in the county's Superior Court being closed down and our Clerk's Office being closed down. So the threat to shut down both the Superior Court system and the Clerk's Office is a pretty dramatic violation of her oath of office."

Young says failures also include not processing things like child support payments that has cost the county more than $270,000 in revenue. The state will pay the county when payments are collected properly.

Another big problem involves local police and domestic violence. Lawyers say Riddle has not been filing no contact orders and orders of protection.

"I'm aware of one case where a lady got the order," Young said. "The guy violated the order, she called the police. Because the clerk had not sent the order to law enforcement, police didn't have it in their computer system. So they did not respond to help this lady."

Now that the statement has been filed, a judge will have to decide if there's enough facts to recall Riddle. If there is, the next step would be a petition that would require 11,000 signatures.

Young says if their efforts to recall Riddle are unsuccessful, the only option left is for someone to run against her in the next election. Her term isn't up until next year.

Reporter Veronica Padilla reached out out to Riddle for comment on the recall effort and she said after speaking with her lawyer she didn't have any comment at this time.

If you would like to read the entire statement, you can visit: www.riddlerecall.com.