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73-year-old robbery victim recalls the attack six months later

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TRI-CITIES, WA - Ten days ago, a 14-year-old Tri-Cities boy was sentenced to nearly four years in a juvenile detention center for helping tape a 73-year-old woman to a chair during a robbery at her home. Another boy, just 16 years old, is already serving two and a half years for tipping off his friends to rob the woman, who's been identified as Laura Dunbar. 

Reporter Kristina Shalhoup spoke with Dunbar, who is finally talking about the terrifying incident.

"The 18th of this month was six months," Dunbar said.

Six months since she was held against her will...

"One of them came through the bathroom window and then locked the back door."

...While her house was robbed.

"They put tape over my mouth and around, around the chair."

A chair that Dunbar still doesn't want to sit in.

"He told me to be quiet and just stay right where I was, or, I can't remember his very words...I was in trouble if I yelled or anything," Dunbar said.

Dunbar recalled him wrapping her up in tape and putting a pillowcase over her head. Her hands, shoulders, and arms, all bound...until she couldn't hear any more noise in the house.

"I got my mouth loose," Dunbar explained. "I got my mouth loose, and I jerked, and popped that tape that was around. If you do it fast enough, you can break the tape. Did you know that? If you jerk fast enough you can break the tape if it's not too thick."

Scared and in pain, Dunbar had to face the reality of what had just happened.

"And I sat myself up in the chair, and looked around, and everything was strewn everywhere."

While the robbers left the duct tape and their fingerprints behind, they took guns, jewelry, and some things that were more personal...things that belonged to Dunbar's late husband.

"He was in the south Pacific on the USS Oakland and the USS Bancroft. They were light cruisers...and his ribbons are gone."

Now after surviving this terrifying ordeal...

"No honey, I'm afraid that I wouldn't want anybody to know what I've gone through."

...All she can do now is take life day by day.