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Kristina on the Course: Fundamentals of a good short game

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WALLA WALLA, WA - For this week's segment of Kristina on the Course, Kristina spoke with Wine Valley Golf Club's Head Pro, John Thorsnes, about what makes a good short game.

"So the one thing that's pretty interesting, especially now it's getting warmer, more people are playing more golf and I'm sure they're noticing more problems with their short games," Kristina said. "Now tour pros only hit 14 greens per round and I'm sure amateurs hit a lot less than that, right?"

"A lot less," said Thorsnes.

"Well, what's the main thing you see people messing up with their short game, especially with their chipping?"

"Probably two things," Thorsnes said. "Number one, which club they use. A lot of people just use one club to chip with, and they should be using everything from their eight iron up to their lob wedge. Number two, and more importantly, is their technique. The number one thing they try to do is scoop the ball and elevate it themselves. They actually need to hit down on the ball. That makes the ball go up, and if you see it on TV, that backspin makes the ball go up quickly and that's why you hit down on the ball."

"So what've you got in your hand right now?" Kristina asked.

"Sand wedge."

"Why is that the right club for the shot we're about to hit?"

"Well, I'd like to carry the ball about a third of the way onto the green, and that's the club that's going to let me do that comfortably and still be aggressive with the shot," Thorsnes said.

"So let's see some technique."

"So you want a nice, narrow stance, you want the ball slightly back in your stance. Lean into your left side. Put the shaft at the hip, at your left hip, so that puts your hands ahead of the golf ball. Nice short swing, accelerate down and through," Thorsnes explained. 

"That's a good-looking shot right there!" Kristina exclaimed. "I think you can make that putt, too! Let's see if I can do this too. Forward lean, ball a little back in my stance. Oh, good shot!"

"Great shot."

"Alright John, thanks for the tips! Well, for everyone back home, what can they remember from this?"

"Lean into your left side and hit down on the ball," said Thorsnes. "Hitting down makes the ball go up."