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Kristina on the Course: Perfect practice makes perfect

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WALLA WALLA, WA - For this week's segment of Kristina on the Course, Kristina spoke with Wine Valley Golf Club's Head Pro, John Thorsnes, about how you should practice.

"Today we're talking about a little bit of an old cliché, but that's not always the case, right?" Kristina asked.

"No, and in most cases, people don't practice correctly," Thorsnes said. "So there are good ways to practice, and there are bad ways to practice."

"So we're looking for perfect practice to make perfect?"


"So what are some tips for people to get that perfect practice?" asked Kristina.

"Well, one of the first things I say is that when you practice, it's the only time when you should cheat," Thorsnes said. "And what I mean by that is first of all, always set up targets to help you align to your target. Also, set up the ball on a tee to make it easy, especially if you're working on something new. And then you should go through your pre-shot routine every time. I call a lot of people rapid-fire Ronnies because they think the more balls they hit, the better they're gonna get. But never on the golf course do you go out and hit ball after ball after ball. Go through your pre-shot routine every time, set down aids to help with your alignment.

"Go through your pre-shot routine just like you were out on the course," he said. "I start mine behind the golf ball, get my alignment, and then I make sure my feet, my hips, and my shoulders are aligned to my target, and the ball's in the proper position...then I go ahead and make my swing."

"Perfect!" Kristina said. "Beautiful shot! You can definitely see how much that helps just to get the feel of your swing on the range at the very least. So what should people remember from this?"

"When you practice, cheat!" Thorsnes said. "Use alignment aids for both your ball position and your alignment. Put the ball on the tee, make it as easy as possible so you're more comfortable when you go out on the course."