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Pasco City Councilman Chi Flores found not guilty of child molestation

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1-22-18 UPDATE: 

FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - Per the jury's verdict, Pasco City Councilman, Chi Flores, has been found not guilty of both counts of first degree molestation. 

Had Flores been found guilty, he could have faced life in prison and a $50,000 fine for each charge. Those charges were filed in May of 2017, for alleged incidents that happened in 2016. Roughly one month after those charges were filed, Flores entered his plead of "not guilty" on either count.

In November of 2016, before this all began, Flores had chosen to serve on the Pasco City Council, following the death of longtime council member Mike Garrison. And even after these charges were filed, The city council allowed Flores to finish his term, which ended on December 31 of 2017.

After that term ended, he was not elected to serve again...something he and his attorney, Scott Johnson, attribute to these allegations. Flores and Johnson spoke more on how they're feeling after the wrap-up of this trial.

While the outcome of this trial was in Flores's favor, he and his attorney, Scott Johnson, believe that the actual process was unfair.

Prosecuting Attorney Shawn Sant said that he would have to speak to the deputy who handled the case in order to explain how Flores and Johnson were feeling. As for the two of them, here's what they had to say.

"It's still very surreal that, um, this horrible chapter in my life is over and I'm moving on," Flores said. "I've had some real good support systems. When you go through a process like this, I don't think you can make it without a support system."

And it's ended in Flores's favor. But according to his attorney, Scott Johnson, there was a lot stacked against them.

"The police department had two videos of the parents...the complaining witnesses' parents that were taken early on in the case, that were not disclosed to us until two days before trial," said Johnson.

Videos that, Johnson says, were crucial to the outcome of the case.

"Those interviews had statements in them where the parents were doubting their daughters' story. And for us not to have that information..."

Details that made Johnson feel that the result was justified, but the process was flawed.

"No, it hasn't been a fair process. It didn't start out as a fair process, and it didn't end in a fair process."

But now with the trial in the past, all Flores can do is look toward the future.


6-20-17 UPDATE:

FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - Chi Flores, a Pasco City Councilman charged with two counts of first degree molestation, has entered a not guilty plea. 

There is currently no bail amount set, and he will be back in court on July 18. A pre-trial is expected to begin in August and his trial is set to begin in September.

Flores is ordered to have no contact with minors, with his kids being an exception. He can be around other minors as long as someone over 18 is present. He is not allowed to go onto the alleged victim's street.


5-26-17 UPDATE:

FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - Franklin County Prosecutors have filed charges against Pasco City Councilman Chi Flores. 

Flores is now charged with two counts of first degree child molestation, with a child under the age of 12. Both happened back in 2016.

The charges were filed today in the Franklin County Court.



FRANKLIN COUNTY, WA - Pasco City Councilman Chi Flores could be facing charges of child molestation.

"The truth is Chi didn't do anything," said Scott Johnson, Flores's attorney. "We are going to make sure that we have everything in order. If charges were to be filed to defend him completely of this matter, but I can tell you my hope remains and I'm confident that charges will not be filed because there is just not enough evidence that he did anything wrong."