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A colorful place to practice your aim: Playground Paintball and Lasertag

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AHTANUM, WA - All summer long, we'll be telling you about places parents and kids can go for some summer vacation fun. 

Today, reporter Gilbert Magallon checked out Playground Paintball and Lasertag in Ahtanum. 

"This is our paintball area and laser tag," said Shawn Beaman, the owner. "Come on in and check it out."

Paintball is done in a large field with plenty of cover, cars, and even a house. There's also laser tag.

"I get more fun out of seeing the dad and son come running up and being like, 'oh dad, I shot you in the house,' and they're just going on and high-fiving each other."

And an RC car race track.

"They'll grab the car, fill it up, check the tires and put it back down and off it goes."

Beaman and his family have been running the place for 15 years.

"I started out with a paintball, which was a big addiction that I got into a while back," Beaman admitted. "I moved here and brought it with me and we found a piece of land out here that we could do it on."

Besides being in the business of fun, Playground Paintball and Lasertag is also in the business of bringing families outdoors.

"The whole family can get off the phone, get away from the stuff," said Beaman. "Turn your phone off and come out and have some real country fun and live it for real. Turn the video game off and do it outside and get some good fresh air, exercise, and fun."

It's also about giving back.

"We try to give to the community and plant a little seed for Jesus," Beaman explained. "Some kids come out and don't have a job and they can't make the money to do this stuff can come out here and help out a little bit and play for free."

Playground Paintball and Lasertag is open at noon Saturdays. To play during the week, you can call to schedule an appointment.