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Senate's proposed healthcare bill includes deep cuts to Medicaid

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KENNEWICK, WA - The Senate released a copy of its healthcare bill today, and Medicaid cuts are a major theme throughout the bill.

Reporter Rex Carlin spoke with the CEO of Community Health Plan of Washington today, who says the effects of a major cut to Medicaid will be felt by those who didn't even use the program.

Many Republicans believe Medicaid simply costs the government too much money, and doesn't perform well enough to justify covering those costs, so this bill would cut much of what they call "unnecessary spending". 

This bill is drawing concern from both ends of the spectrum, with the most conservative senators arguing the cuts to Medicaid wouldn't happen fast enough...with some moderate Republicans concerned about instability for states that took the Medicaid expansion.

But Leanne Berge told Rex today those proposed cuts would be felt by the most vulnerable people.

"Most Medicaid support goes for elderly, and those in nursing homes and those with disabilities and folks that are in a lower income situation and it might even be temporary, they may be working but can't afford health insurance," Berge said. "All of those individuals will feel it. People who may not directly have Medicaid but have family members with Medicaid will certainly see this."

Reports say Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell wants to put the healthcare bill up for a vote before the July 4th recess, when senators head back to their home states.