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A flight to the past: the Wings of Freedom Tour

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YAKIMA, WA - Four different planes are participating in the Wings of Freedom nationwide tour.

Meet the B-24 Liberator Witchcraft.

"Witchcraft flew a 130 mission out of England," said Steve Weigandt, the ground crew chief. "This is the only aircraft that we have right now that actually saw combat duty."

The B-17 Flying Fortress 909.

"The air frame itself was built right at the end of the war, so it did see a rescue in the Caribbean," Weigandt said. "Once it got done doing that, it was a test bed for nuclear weapons."

Both of these bombers are featured in the Collings Foundation Wings of Freedom Tour.

"It is a pretty unique opportunity if you have never seen what a World War II airplane is about."

The tour teaches history.

"You can actually get in the two big bombers - the 17 and the 24 - and climb through them."

It also lets World War II veterans like Mike Mickey Stray relive it. He's celebrating his 92nd birthday.

"I'm luckier," he said. "Much luckier then I deserve, so I can't complain."

"A lot of the old veterans like to take flights, because they want to go up again," said Weigandt. "Maybe they want to get their last landing because their last flight in Europe they got shot down."

Stray flew in a P-51 Mustang, the plane of his dreams.

"Oh, that was my desire, when I was 18, 19 years old in '42, '43," Stray said. "Reading about the Air Force and P-51s and so forth, all I wanted to fly was the P-51 and shoot down German and Japanese airplanes."

The tour ends tomorrow at noon, and then it'll go to Pasco, where it'll be until July 2nd. It's $15 for adults and $5 for kids.