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Owner of Force Dynamics explains teachers' actions during attack on College Place principal

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GRANDVIEW, WA - Jon Ladines, the owner of Force Dynamics Security Consulting, has decades of law enforcement and security training, with experience working in many areas, including SWAT.

Now he runs Force Dynamics Security Consulting out of Grandview, a company that works with school districts, hospitals, and churches to re-train people how to react to an intruder or active shooter.

"The training goes along with changing their mindset as well and teaching them how to become defenders, rather than going into the mindset of running or hiding," Ladines said. "Because when you run and hide, it only protects the people that can run or can hide. It would bypass the people that can't. For instance, people that are handicapped, students that are handicapped or injured students, or we don't know how students are going to respond under stress."

College Place School District is one of the districts that uses Force Dynamics, and Ladines says they put their training to use perfectly the day of the attack, when two boys attacked the principal with a spear-like weapon.

"The staff was able to defend the injured principal until the police got there and actually they drove out both suspects with weapons out to the front as police were arriving, so it was a perfect example of filling that gap time so no more injuries could occur."

But why t-ball bats?

"The reason why we use t-ball bats is for several reasons; number one, it's a sports tool that's designed for six-year-olds, so the public acceptance is much greater."

The biggest reason though, is because the goal is to allow as wide a range of people as possible...short, tall, big, and small, to be able to protect those who need a protector.

Ladines says they also train for home invasions as well, all to get people in the mindset of defending themselves instead of running and hiding.