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Marines sniper, shaved-ice owner, & fireworks technician putting on display in West Richland

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WEST RICHLAND, WA.-- If you're driving down Bombing Range Road on the 4th of July, you might notice one house that's a little more festive than the rest. That house belongs to Tim Bonagofski, the man behind the area's yearly fireworks display. 

This will be the ninth year Tim sets of fireworks for his friends, family, and local onlookers, and the audience has certainly grown over the years. Now, Tim has a audience of a few-thousand people, all excited to hear the music, and watch the show he has in store. 

However, Tim hasn't always been a pyrotechnician. From 2000-2008, he served in the Marine Corps, and became a Marine sniper. After his time serving, he was a police officer in Tukwila, and then, after a few years on the force, he decided it was time for a change. 

"I was like you know, let's take all that gun training and let's do something fun," Tim told KNDU, "I now own a shaved ice company, and now when i show up with lights on people are more excited to see me."

Despite his full time job, he'll always make time to make sure the show goes on. He says that he loves the idea of giving his kids something great to remember. But, he's also got his Marines family in mind. 

"We lost some brothers while I was serving," Tim said, "and this is kind of our way of saying hey, we still remember ya thanks for the sacrifice."

If you'd like to see the display, you can head to Bombing Range Road Tuesday night. The show is scheduled to begin around 9:45 PM.