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The hottest and coldest jobs in Tri-Cities

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TRI-CITIES, WA - The scorching temperatures around the region are undeniable and we're all trying to beat the heat, so we wanted to find out who's staying the coolest.

Reporter Jaclyn Selesky looked into the people around Tri-Cities who have to work in the hottest - and coldest - conditions daily.

"Right now it should be about 15 degrees," said Isaac Ramos with Columbia Basin Ice.

Columbia Basin Ice distributes to mostly every grocery store around the Columbia Basin area.

"You go outside for a couple of minutes, you go and move a truck and you're just boiling hot, but you get to come back in here in 15 degrees and it just feels amazing," Ramos said.

That's coming from a man who has worked jobs on both sides of the temperature spectrum.

"I worked for 10 years at a junkyard in Finley and I was constantly in the heat," he explained. "I wouldn't trade going back there for anything. This beats being in the heat way more."

Today is a perfect example of how one man's trash is another man's treasure...Michael Stone is the owner of Renaissance Roofing, and he says his job may be physically draining, but he wouldn't have it any other way.

"Here it's more of a challenge and there's different things to do," Stone said.

Stone's job requires heavy lifting and focus, but he says beating the heat is a challenge in itself.

"In a day like this I would honestly imagine, with black tar, you could get up into the 160s,'re at the point when you're on the roof, your feet actually burn," he said. "You can feel the heat coming through your feet and you gotta step around and move fast to not get too burnt out on your feet."