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Kristina on the Course: Golf is a game of etiquette

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WALLA WALLA, WA - For this week's segment of Kristina on the Course, Kristina spoke with Wine Valley Golf Club's Head Pro, John Thorsnes, about golf etiquette. 

"Well, we're in the middle of the fairway and there's nothing worse than that right there," Kristina said. "You hit a perfect drive right down the middle and now you're stuck in a divot. John, what's up with that?! That's a terrible lie!"

"Absolutely, and people talk about the rules of golf...but just as important as the rules of golf is the etiquette of golf, and this is one of the things that falls under proper etiquette and that's to fill your divot with sand and seed," said Thorsnes.

"Well, and it can affect the people; not only that you're playing with, but also people in the groups to come...exactly like that, right?" said Kristina. "And etiquette is a big part of golf, so tell me other than just filling your divot, what else can people be aware of?"

"And, Kristina," Thorsnes responded, "you're on the thru-line of my putt."

"Yup, so you want to be aware of where people's golf balls are going too! If John hits his putt long, I'm standing right in the middle of where his next putt is going to be...and you don't want my footprints in that! You want to leave that line clear so that way he has a clear putt on the way back."