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"Fit4Mom"; you don't need a daycare for this exercise program

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RICHLAND, WA - A local support group in our area, known as "Fit4Mom", is helping mothers lose weight through their "Stroller Strides" program that allows you to exercise with your baby.

Singing mothers at the park? You don’t see that everyday, but for this group of mothers, it's how they begin their daily routine.

"Stroller Strides" is a program which started in 2015 in the Tri-Cities. Abigail Macouzet is the owner of the program and tells us how beneficial it can be.

"Stroller Strides is a full body workout using wristbands and cardio," Macouzet said, "and so they come and get their workout done in front of their children, and so their kids get to see them working out."

Since the program started, it has had a great success with more than 30 mothers participating.

"It evolved," she said. "It started as about with five members and it just evolved to what it is today."

This group of mothers is working towards a goal, which allows them to do an individualized workout to their certain fitness level needs. Children are different ages, but that doesn't stop mothers from reaching their goal.

Children also benefit from the program.

"We also move throughout the park," explained Macouzet. "At every station we sing lullabies or different kind of music, so the kids get stimulated that way. And outside of that we hang out, meet, and the kids build friendships."

Samantha Mason is a member and registered dietitian for the program and has been with it since the beginning. But the best part of it all?

"I didn't know many other moms before I joined the program, and so joining this I met other moms," said Mason. "I've gained lots of friendships. Of course, the exercise component has been huge."

Stroller Strides is offered 5 days out of the week for an hour each day. For more information on the program, visit http://tricities.fit4mom.com/.