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Solution underway for stench in Stanfield caused by dog food plant

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STANFIELD, OR - If you've driven through Stanfield at all the last few months, there's no doubt you've caught a whiff of the smell lingering throughout town from the 3-D IdaPro potato processing plant.

Reporter Rex Carlin took a tour of the facility to see what the company is doing to fix the nasty smell.

Months after a February fire destroyed the scrubber 3-D IdaPro was using to prevent the bad odor from seeping into the air. The company says the combination of the broken scrubber and standing water on the property created the stench.

A stench that's been the topic of discussion in Stanfield all summer long.

"I think it was a combination of things," said Kevin Andreson with 3-D Corporate Solutions. "I think you've got summer conditions where you have high temperatures, we've got standing water as part of it. I think the second part of it would be is the scrubber obviously is designed to clean up some of the air exhaust that's going up."

Andreson says a replacement scrubber will be in place by November, and construction is being done on the property to put roofing in to contain odors coming from certain areas, as well as other property maintenance to lower the amount of odor going into the air.

Andreson says the smell in the air isn't toxic or's just odor from their process of dehydrating potatoes.

"We are buying potato waste that comes primarily from the potato manufacturing, primarily French fries, whole potatoes that are washed," Andreson said. "Basically we're bringing them into our factory and dehydrating them. Once we get them dried down, we grind them into a powder and then those are shipped onto our customers, which goes as an ingredient into the pet food industry."

Andreson has one more thing for the residents of Stanfield who have not only endured the smell, but protested for the plant to be shut down until the odor is taken care of.

"I would ask for their patience and understanding. Certainly we want to be a part of this community for a long time."

He says they will also shut down operations during Stanfield High School home football games this fall to prevent any odors from being released into the air during those times.