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Kennewick woman stuck in Texas hurricane while visiting family

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SUGAR LAND, TX - The aftereffects of Hurricane Harvey are being felt throughout southeast Texas and the surrounding region. One Kennewick woman is down in the Houston suburb of Sugar Land with her son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, hunkering down in her son's Sugar Land apartment during the brunt of the storm.

Reporter Rex Carlin spoke with Rebecca Lowe's husband to learn more about her experiences during the storm as the effects of Hurricane Harvey flood out the roads within a mile radius of their apartment.

"Probably within a mile of where their apartment is, everything is flooded, the roads are flooded," Russell Lowe said. "So they're not able to get anywhere."

Lowe said the family is safe, and their apartment is also okay, but the surrounding area is far from it. This is why they're waiting out the aftermath of the storm, because they don't really have a choice. The roads are underwater.

Lowe says the one store his family has access to right now is doing its part to help out the community in a time where many stores start price gauging. It's also where his family has spent a lot of their time while they're stuck.

"There've been a lot of reports of businesses charging extraordinarily high amounts for the things they have, but H-E-B has not done that," said Lowe. "There was an hour and a half-long line to get into the store, and then do what you have to do and then get out, so they spent most of the afternoon at the grocery store."

While the Lowe family is doing okay right now, thousands of people aren't, and Lowe wants people here - across the country from the impact zone - to know we can still help.

"Pray for the people of Houston, because they're going through a, I think they said an 80-year flood and they need our prayers."