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Homeowner upset, but positive after road rage incident damages her home

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KENNEWICK, WA - Two men are in jail after a road rage incident Tuesday night that led to one car crashing into a historic home.

It happened on the 600 block of West Kennewick Avenue, where a truck ran into the rear of another truck, causing it to spin out and hit the side of the house.

It started with an argument between 39-year-old James Dunlap and 42-year-old Quentin Parkins at a bar two miles from the scene of the incident.

The two then got into their vehicles and took off, speeding down Kennewick Ave. Parkins then slammed his car into Dunlap's truck, causing it to spin and crash into the side of Cathy Merill Holle's house.

Reporter Karly Tinsley spoke with the homeowner today, who didn't want to appear on camera. She said she was asleep at the time. The impact of the crash caused her to fly out of bed and hit the wall. The entire side of her house is destroyed and she estimates over $200,000 in damages.

But even after it all, Holle says she's happy he hit her house, since her neighbors have two toddlers that could have been seriously injured.

"I am devastated that my house that I love is probably totaled," Holle admitted. "But I am so happy he hit me because if he had hit anyone else, it could have been so much worse."

Both Dunlap and Parkins were charged with DUIs and they are currently in the Benton County Jail. One of them was legally armed with a handgun at the time, but police say they were able to handle the situation safely.

What makes this incident more interesting is that the house is actually a historic house, meaning they will have to rebuild it exactly the same.