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Living Green: Barracuda Coffee promotes going green...even with their grounds

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RICHLAND, WA - For most of us, that morning cup of coffee helps get us ready to start the day. But one local coffee shop is doing much more than giving your day a's also trying to boost environmental awareness.

It's a dirty job keeping the environment clean at Barracuda Coffee, where they sift through their garbage twice a day, every day.

"It's really a pretty easy thing," said Jake Shupe, the owner. "It's kind of gross but it's super easy, it only takes maybe 10 to 15 minutes a day each time."

Jake and Michelle Shupe are the proud owners of one of the first businesses in Richland to win the Green Business of The Year Award.

"So realistically, the investment that you're doing to keep all of that garbage out of the landfills potentially out of the oceans...we've seen the damage that straws and things are doing in the oceans, it's pretty easy to do that and it makes a big, big difference," Shupe said.

Mostly everything in their shop is recyclable.

"The sleeves are recyclable, the cups obviously recyclable."

Even their coffee beans are. After they make espresso shots, they package up the used grounds and put them at the front of their store for customers to grab and use in their gardens.

And once they fill their boxes up, they take them out to their very own Barracuda Coffee recycle rig.

"Once it's, full it holds about 1,200 pounds of recycling."