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Local high school students learn about 9/11 in history class

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PASCO, WA - On the sixteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, we wanted to see how history teachers are presenting the topic to high school students today, who were either too young to remember, or not even born.

These Chiawana high school juniors were only a year old, so watching the event unfold in class on a 30-minute video montage recapping the day is as close as they'll get to feeling those awful moments that day.

"When you lose somebody, you're hurt," said Ethan Sugden, a junior. "You're really hurt because it's somebody that you truly cared about. It's kind of hard to imagine what everybody else felt like because it wasn't just like one or two people that they knew, it was 10 and 20 people that they knew from friends and family, just like connections that they had. So the amount of sorrow that they had and maybe a little bit of the frustration is something you can feel when you watch the videos."

As the years go by, Chiawana history teacher Doug Bosted says it's more and more important to help students who didn't live through it understand the magnitude of the September 11th attacks.

"I think for a lot of these guys, they've heard about it," said Bosted. "They've heard about things that have happened throughout the event, but they don't really understand it. So I'm hoping they gain a greater appreciation for the things that actually happened."

For these students, it isn't as though they've never felt the pain 9/11 brought, they say people their age just haven't felt that pain on a national level, like the 9/11 or Pearl Harbor attacks brought.

"Most people have felt it emotionally or by themselves, but to feel it like everybody feeling it at once, I don't think we've felt that kind of pain where the whole state's been hurt or the whole United States' been hurt as a group, as a team, as a family," said junior Mickey West.

Which brings up another lesson for the class: as Bosted told his class this afternoon, in a time when our nation is divided, we look at the aftermath of the September 11th attacks 16 years ago as an example of our nation coming together as one.