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Trios Health in talks with RCCH, UW Medicine

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KENNEWICK, WA - The Kennewick Public Hospital District (KPHD) announced that Trios Health is exploring a relationship with RCCH HealthCare Partners (RCCH) and UW Medicine.

Currently, RCCH and UW Medicine partner together and are pulling their strengths and resources toward a potential new relationship that could assist Trios Health. Trios Health filed Chapter 9 debt reorganization on June 30, 2017, and has been, since February, implementing strategies to return the District to financial health.

UW Medicine, who established a strategic collaboration agreement with Trios Health in 2015, is renowned for its clinical quality performance and outcomes. RCCH has significant financial and operational expertise with community based hospitals. Together, RCCH and UW Medicine could bring key strengths in their work with Trios Health to create a platform for long-term financial viability and continued medical excellence.

“Despite the fact that healthcare is a very challenging industry, we have been clear all along that our goal is to be here to serve the Tri-Cities,” said Marv Kinney, president of the KPHD Board of Commissioners. “We are pleased to be in discussions with these two esteemed institutions which see the value in what we offer and understand the tremendous opportunities within and for this community.”

Kinney added that the structure of a potential deal has yet to be finalized. “The focus right now is working to assure, with RCCH and UW Medicine, continued access to our quality care for the community.”

Trios Health and RCCH are working on a viable long-term debt plan with Trios creditors as part of the Chapter 9 process. “Until those discussions come to fruition, the specific form of transaction that will result in affiliation and capital investment cannot be finalized,” Kinney said. “What’s important for people to know is that we are making great strides to return Trios back to financial health and these organizations have indicated they want to be part of our comeback.”