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Richland PD guides WSU Tri-Cities students through active shooter training

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RICHLAND, WA - The Richland Police Department joined officers at WSU Tri-Cities to show students how to best respond to an active shooter.

Police told us that if you are armed during a shooting, you need to be careful because officers often can't easily tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys.

In an active shooter situation, you can run, hide, or fight. If you can, get at least one building away from the shooter. If you have to hide, put objects between you and the shooter. If neither of those are possible, try to find something you can use as a weapon in case you have to defend yourself.

We spoke with students to get their take on today's drill.

"We can never be one-hundred percent prepared, but even being twenty percent prepared is better than not knowing what to do at all, and so even a little bit of knowledge to know how to handle a shooting can save your life," said student Zach Harper.

Police would like you to know, obviously call 911 as soon as you can, but don't pull the fire alarm. It can cause people to flood out into hallways, making them easy targets.

If you're stuck outside, you can hide behind the engine block of a car, though there's no guarantee that will stop a bullet.

Most importantly; if you see or suspect something, say something.