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Local woman recounts terrifying Vegas shooting experience

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TRI-CITIES, WA - A local woman who was at the music festival in Las Vegas over the weekend says she and many others weren't aware of what was going on even after the first rounds of gunshots were fired Sunday night.

Julie Naccarato of Tri-Cities says it started with the first gunshots ringing out as her and the friend she was with were near the front of the stage during Jason Aldean's performance.

"You're kind of either on the right side or the left side of the runway if you're up front, and we were right up front, but we, thank goodness, were on the left side of the runway," Naccarato said.

That runway blocked Naccarato and her friend off from the carnage just on the other side of it...so Naccarato says for her it was more confusion than terror even though she was right there in the venue.

"I really didn't think it was shooting at all," she admitted. "And I was just standing there and there were probably only three or four of us who hadn't bolted at that time. And I was just standing there watching everybody run. And another guy that was on my side, he was actually standing there with his phone just recording it, too. I just couldn't believe. I thought it was just sound effects."

But that thought didn't last long.

"As soon as I could see someone that looked like maybe they were with the cops or knew what they were doing, I said, 'Where do we go, what do we do?' He goes, 'Go over that way, go by the church.' So we ran out of the venue and ran across the street to where this church was," she said.

"Down on the ground in between the police cars were people and officers and that's the first time that it really realized to me that, 'no, this is real. There's people on the ground there and officers there.' When we got over to the church there was a gal who had clearly either had shrapnel or blood sprayed on her from someone or she was actually shot because her leg was just all bloody."

After they made it to the church, they were directed to the Tropicana. 

"So we all kept running over to the Tropicana, and as we were going through a parking lot on the way over there we saw someone else down between a couple vehicles, and there was a couple people with that person tending to them," said Naccarato. "We just kept going, but my friend said it looked like that person had been shot in the neck."

Naccarato and her friend made it to the Tropicana, where they waited throughout the night to learn it was safe to leave.