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Creating a positive school environment with National Stop Bullying Day

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WEST RICHLAND, WA - Today is National Stop Bullying Day, also known as Unity Day. This serves as a reminder to all of us - kids and adults - to be kind to each other.

One local school is taking this effort above and beyond throughout the entire school year. Creating a culture of kindness: that is what these guys here in the leadership class at Enterprise Middle School try to do every single day.

It starts with a warm welcome to start the school day. From teachers, administrators, and student to student...working together with the entire school. Leadership students like Gage Bracey and Claire Nguyen are setting the example.

"If you get to know someone on a personal level, they feel more welcomed they don't feel like they're someone that's just there," said 8th grader Gage. "They feel more valued and respected there."

By helping build each other up...

"To show students that they can be who they want to be; they don't have to be like everyone else, they are who they are at the school," said 8th grader Claire.

Growing together to be "Character Strong;" a curriculum the school started this year...encouraging and challenging everyone to be the best person they can be.

"One student makes a difference in the school, and the school will be a great place."

And creating a positive environment at Enterprise Middle School starts with the educators.

"We're trying to educate the whole child," said Ben Barr, a teacher at Enterprise Middle School. "More than just math and science; we want to educate them on how to interact with each other, how to be kind to each simple that is and how it can go such a long ways."

From the adults, the kids have opened up and made "character strong" choices.

"I've always been kind of shy and not like to talk to people, but this made me open up to people and realize that I don't have to be scared to talk to people," said Claire.

"I used to come to school and just grudgingly walk through the doors and, you know, just go through my classes," said Gage. "Now I feel like I have a purpose here and I'm really helping other students that are having a tough time getting up in the morning and coming to school."