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Cryo hops: a new beer-making process using liquid nitrogen

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YAKIMA, WA - What do you get when you combine liquid nitrogen and hops? The answer is more beer, thanks to a new product created by YCH Hops called Cryo Hops.

"The benefit of our cryo process is we are using liquid nitrogen to process the hops so it is very cold, and it is in a nitrogen environment reducing oxygen," said Karl Vanevenhoven, senior vice president of operations at YCH Hops. "The beauty of that is it enhances the quality of the product."

The patent-pending process starts by collecting two different parts of a hop cone. One is concentrated bract, used for debittered leaf. The other is Lupulin, used to make LupuLN2 pellets.

"Those little yellow spores in a hop cone are called Lupulin glands, and that is where the resins are that have brewing value that provide bitterness and flavor and aroma," said Vanevenhoven.

YCH Hops started developing the product two years ago. Any hop can be used in the cryo process. The product does cost more, but it cuts hop use in half...and that's only one of the benefits.

"Customers are telling us it's increasing their efficiencies," said Steve Carpenter, chief operations officer at YCH Hops. "For them it's free beer; they are getting more beer out of the process then they would using the normal pellets."

The benefits can also be tasted.

"Our customers are telling us they're using this product and it is allowing them to make more hop-forward beers with hoppier aromas and flavors," said Carpenter.

With a high interest in cryo hops, there's a chance that your next glass of craft beer was brewed with this new technology. To learn more about cryo hops, you can visit YCH Hops's website at