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Glenn's Hometown News: Endless musical possibilities at Ted Brown Music

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RICHLAND, WA - For this segment of Glenn's Hometown News, Glenn Cassie didn't have to go far to discover the musician's sanctuary; Ted Brown Music, right in Richland.

What is it about the sound of fingers, smoothly rolling across those ivory keys that moves our souls? While for others, it might be the sound of a popular song on an acoustic guitar. Whatever it is, if you're a music lover and you live in the Tri-Cities, then you undoubtedly are familiar with Ted Brown Music.

It's a family-owned store that's been in business in Washington state for nearly 90 years, 30 of which have been right here in Richland, Glenn caught up with Todd Peery, the manager of the store and a Bomber alum himself, who told Glenn about his early childhood visits to the store.

"I was the kid who would come in and hang out for an hour and, you know, check out all the gear and then buy a pack of strings," Peery said. "But it was just a cool place to hang out and a very encouraging atmosphere."

The store carries everything that musicians of all levels could ever need, from band and orchestra gear to keyboards, drums, and sheet music. As well as pro audio equipment, plenty of accessories, and of course, guitars. Lots of guitars. Peery, an accomplished guitarist himself, says what separates their store from the rest is that everyone believes in what they're doing.

"Our company motto is 'your music is our passion,' so trying to install that in my staff and just remind them that, hey, you get to be that guy that you emulated when you were a kid and get to be the guy that patted you on the back and got you your first guitar or trumpet," Peery explained.

He says he won the lottery with this job, as Ted Brown Music is much more than just a retail store. There are ten lesson studios on site, with highly skilled teachers, as well as a repair shop to fix all your broken instruments. 

Aside from their retail side, they also have an educational services program that fulfills area schools' music needs.

"Being that resource for people, opens up so many doors," Peery said. "And you never know who that next Grammy winner coming through that door might be."

In addition to providing instruments like digeradoos to local schools, the store's outreach program has given away more than 700 instruments to kids who couldn't afford to rent. A program, Peery says, is easy to get behind.

"There have been a bunch of studies done on how music impacts kids, especially when they're growing up," he said. "When they're in school, statistically, they're a lot higher, or a lot more likely to graduate, and their grades are typically better."

As a frequent customer to the store himself, Glenn and Peery agree that it's his encouraging staff, who are all musicians themselves, that keeps people coming back in.

"Music is a very, you know, personal thing for people. It's an art form, and so if you can be encouraging and supportive of someone's art, and you know genuine about it, I think that pays dividends, as far as customer retention and those things."

Ted Brown Music is truly a music lover's paradise, with an exceptional staff. One other interesting side note: the store is still in the family, and they are about to go on their fourth generation of owners. 

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