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New naturopathic clinic at Tri-Cities Cancer Center

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KENNEWICK, WA - Naturopathic medicine is becoming more popular when it comes to the battle against cancer. The Tri-Cities Cancer Center just opened up a new naturopathic clinic that's already seen many patients.

Like any war, the war on cancer is best fought with allies.

"Naturopathic medicine has a very wide tool belt that we can use," said Lindsey Josephson, a naturopathic physician.

Josephson believes oncology has a power ally in the form of natural therapies.

"I can talk to patients about diets, lifestyles...I can use herbs and nutrients," she said.

Josephson is a part of the Tri-Cities Cancer Center's new naturopathic clinic that opened this month. Naturopathic medicine uses herbs, supplements, and lifestyle changes that can be paired with other cancer treatments.

"Patients really can have it all," she said. "They really can; they can have conventional therapies and use naturopathic therapies at the same time, and that is the way that research shows works best."

But there are people who doubt its effectiveness.

"There are a lot of people who are skeptical. there's actually a rumor going around that there is no proof and that's just not true."

Josephson says the proof is not only in the studies, but in the people.

"They just feel better; they have fewer side effects, they tolerate the treatment better."

Once you've seen a naturopath and they've made some recommendations, you have a couple options: you can buy them online or buy them in local stores. The owner of Revitalize Health Spa says she isn't trying to undermine doctors, but that she can help make treatment less harsh on the body.

"We're able to do something that doesn't produce negative effects in the body that's able to result in what we're trying to achieve then," said Gayla Erickson. "That's better for our bodies."

Like any medicine, naturopathic remedies come with some warnings, so if you are interested make sure to consult a naturopath first.